Leadership development for the disrupted!

There’s no doubt about it. Leadership has been disrupted. In times of extreme uncertainty we need new ways of leading and this means new forms of leadership development.

As we emerge from crisis, we enter a vulnerable time when we may revert to older practices.

It’s also a unique opportunity to capture what we learned from a period of crisis where we experienced imposed change along with rapid decision making and adoption. 

Which path will you take?

And which approach will best equip you to navigate a climate of increased complexity and ambiguity?

From the conversations we are having with leaders of organisations, these are the types of questions and concerns being faced. Leadership development needs to address these questions and concerns.

So we’ve created our 3Xspectives workshop to help provide clarity and nudge mindsets, behaviours and practices. The 3Xspectives are: Retrospective, Introspective and Futurespective.

It’s run over three 2-hour sessions – with time in between to do self- assessments, experiments and reflect on the outcomes.


The current business climate of extreme uncertainty presents us with an opportunity to reflect on what we have learned in the last few months of imposed change?

What will we bring with us, what will we let go of?

What is the role of new power, mindset and business agility in leading change?


  • Awareness of practices that are less or no longer relevant.
  • Capturing key lessons and how to translate them to new ways of leading and leading change.


After looking back, we need to look inwards: specifically how we experience change as leaders. This brings up consideration of empathy and psychological safety in a climate of continuous change. In this session we take you through the SCARF model and brain-friendly change. It’s a workout: we’re building muscle for change and for strong change leadership.


  • Awareness of personal change experiences and why they are experienced differently.
  • Strong clues, based on brain science, on how to lead and deliver change with an improved end-user experience.


Finally, we project future-forward to define as a group what success looks like, what might get in that way and what helped us get there. We employ First Principles approach to create a set of change leadership principles to bring the key themes to life.


•Co-create a set of stress tested principles to lead and manage change with agility in complex and uncertain business environments.

What do we leave with?

Three practical tools that can be applied straight away to promote self-awareness:

  • Exploratory Leadership Diagnostic – Dr Jen Frahm & Jillian Reilly
  • Agile Mindset Self Assessment Questionnaire – Agile Change Leadership Institute
  • Threats and Triggers Self Assessment – we will provide link to this assessment

How is the content delivered?

Total = 6 hours. •Delivered in 3 x 2 hour sessions •Delivery is virtual and/or face-to-face • You can add optional coaching sessions to deep dive and discuss what you have tested and learned.

Each workshop participant receives a copy of:

Your facilitators

Your facilitators are Dr Jen Frahm and Lena Ross , experienced facilitators of leadership development – connect with us on Linkedin

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