learning sprints

Guided Learning Sprints now available!

It's been an exciting 18 months since launching the the Agile Change Leadership Certificate!

One of the things we have heard is that *some* of you prefer the structure and time-pacing of learning sprints, and want the opportunity to work collaboratively as a cohort.

So we're thrilled to offer a new offering - a Guided Learning Sprint version of the Agile Change Leadership Certificate. 

  • 6 modules (3 x 10 minute videos, with an experiment to run in the workplace for each video) over 12 weeks
  • Time-boxed - you do three topics (one module) every two weeks
  • We meet fortnightly as a cohort for group coaching on how the three experiments went
  • Online delivery, real time experimentation
  • Assessed with Exam questions, reflective journal entries and in-person exam (by Zoom)
  • Supported with a copy of our books “Hacking for Agile Change” and “Conversations of Change – a guide for workplace change”
  • And you get a Certificate of Completion
  • And a Digital badge


We have no pre-requisites other than you do need to have leadership experience or be currently in a leadership role. 


Each learning sprint is 2 weeks long. You get the content, watch the videos, run the experiments, meet as a cohort, then submit your assessment. 

May 1 2021

On May 1 we start your program. You could be finished in 12 weeks. We know that life can be unpredictable, if you fall behind, you have 12 months to complete AND you can join any future cohorts.

Group Coaching

The Agile Change Leadership Institute Faculty (Lena Ross, Dr Jen Frahm and Melissa Dark) will run group coaching zoom calls across multiple time-zones. No more than 10 to a coaching call. You get personalised support and the input from your cohort.


Our modules and assessment are brain-friendly. We've broken big topics into bite sized chunks. Easy to consume, practice and reflect.

We scaffold the learning with activity / experiments to run after each short video.

You get to reflect and share in the assessment for the module.


You will

  • be equipped to lead change in fast moving organisations.
  • feel confident engaging with your change teams and your agile delivery teams as you understand their world better.
  • have practical tools and techniques to being a better leader in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment.

$2495 + GST AUD

Current pricing is $2495+ GST AUD. 

Receive a 10% discount for payment in full. 

Or contact us for 6 monthly payments of $420 (Plus GST if in Australia)



1) Can I still do 'anytime & self-paced' Agile Change Leadership Certificate

Yes! The Agile Change Leadership Certificate is still available to you at $1975.00 + GST for immediate enrolment and the autonomy of doing the certificate anytime, anywhere and as you wish to. This is just a version for people who want more support and structure.


2) When will the coaching calls be done? 

Depending on numbers enrolled and regions covered we will run three sessions - early morning, midday and evening in AEDT. This should cover all geographic regions.


3) What if I miss a submission date? 

You will have access to the material for 12 months so you will be able to submit at a later date AND you will be welcome to join future dated group coaching calls.


4) Do I need to be working? 

No, we have experiments and assessment options for those who are currently not in role.

Perfect timing

We didn't create this course for a pandemic, but it turns out that content that prepares a leader for leading agile change is perfect for our continuing uncertainty. 

“It covers off all the things that are really pertinent, especially now. I couldn’t have done this in a better time.” Senior Executive, Healthcare

“On the timing of this: It was the worst time to be studying, it was the best course to be doing at this time” Senior manager, Public Service



What are the 18 topics?

We've created six module that are particularly relevant to managers and leaders today. Each module covers:

  • What the topic is about
  • Why it is important 
  • Who has talked /written about it in the past
  • How it is approached today
  • How you might apply it
  • How you might find out more

The topics are:

The 3 Rs - Resilience, Readiness and Resistance

The 3 Cs - Communication, Collaboration and Community

Qualities - Vulnerability, Empathy and Curiosity

Leadership - Servant, Adaptive and Distributed

Agile - Fail Fast & Feedback

Human Centred Change - Psychological Safety, Employee Journeying, Personas and People