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Why you need The Agile Change Playbook

You've landed in the wild world of agile projects and initiatives, or an organisation that is ‘going agile’. Your existing toolkit is a good one, but it doesn’t quite fit the new world.

1) The Agile Change Playbook saves you the time and expense of continuing to do costly courses and certifications. 

2) We give you a simple and effective way to adapt your practice so you can do effective change in fast moving environments. 

3) You can feel confident whether you are working on Big A agile projects OR in the midst of 'small a' business agility transformation.

4) Your toolkit gets much bigger with our 30+ agile change practices

5) Your reputation as an effective change practitioner increases. 

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How to use it

This is intentionally a 'playbook'. Not all of the agile change tools in this playbook will work for you right at the moment and you’re going to have to play with them and work out which one's suit, and which ones you might use on another initiative. You don’t have to work through this sequentially, that’s the thing with agile change - while we have to put pages in order to produce this book, it’s unlikely you will use them in that order!

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Don't wait until you're told to go Agile!

The 30+ agile change practices we cover in this playbook can be applied regardless of the ‘change methodology’ or ‘framework’ you have in place in your organisation.

There’s no reason why you can’t introduce these agile change practices in your work as a change leader, change manager, project manager, agile coach or product owner. 

The idea is to try them out. It’s about introducing change activity that is lighter and ‘right-sized’ for your change initiative and business. The intent is to invite people to contribute and iterate.

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A capbility approach to Agile Change

Yes, we understand. You don’t have the bandwidth or headspace to take in any more change models, processes or frameworks. You’re not alone.

That's why we have developed a unique Agile Change Capability approach and have mapped 30+ Agile Change practices against three fundamental agile change capabilities.

It doesn't matter which change methodology you wish to use - you can simply plug and play the appropriate agile change practice.