Building Agile Leadership Capability

Introducing the new Agile Change Leadership Certificate

The Agile Change Leadership Certificate is:

  • Self-paced - you do it when you want
  • 6 modules (3 x 10 minute videos, with an experiment to run in the workplace for each video) 
  • Online delivery, real time experimentation
  • Assessed with Exam questions, reflective journal entries and in-person exam (by Zoom)
  • Supported with a copy of our books “Hacking for Agile Change” and “Conversations of Change – a guide for workplace change”
  • And you get a Certificate of Completion
  • And a Digital badge


We have no pre-requisites other than you do need to have leadership experience or be currently in a leadership role. 

Self directed, anytime, anywhere

Perfect for the time-poor. No need to take two - three days out of the office, you can do these modules, anytime and anywhere. As little as ten minutes at a time.

Start anytime

While we run a new intake every month in the first week you don't have to wait for that -  you choose which month you wish to start in, and you are into the program within 24 hours of paying.

Faculty support

You have access to experienced agile and change practitioners for questions and advice on running your experiments.


Our modules and assessment are brain-friendly. We've broken big topics into bite sized chunks. Easy to consume, practice and reflect.

We scaffold the learning with activity / experiments to run after each short video.

You get to reflect and share in the assessment for the module.


You will

  • be equipped to lead change in fast moving organisations.
  • feel confident engaging with your change teams and your agile delivery teams as you understand their world better.
  • have practical tools and techniques to being a better leader in a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment.

$1975.00 + GST AUD

Current pricing is $1975.00 + GST AUD. 

Your position in the program is only secured with payment.

How does it work?

1) You click on the enrol button below and make payment. 

2) Once paid you receive a 'learning package' and a copy of our books and a link to the closed cohort Facebook group within 24 hours.

3) You have 18 x 10-15 minute online videos to watch over the course of 12 months. Each video has an experiment to run in the workplace. 

4) After each module (3 videos, 3 experiments), answer the assessment questions and write up your reflective journal response.

5) Send us your assessment by email.  Either as-you-go or at the end - your choice.  

6) Once all modules are completed, book in for an hour's coaching review session by Zoom (online video conferencing). 

7) Once through, receive your credentials, update your resume and LinkedIn profile and congratulate yourself on your commitment to keeping ahead of the curve! 

How long will it take?

That's going to depend on how motivated you are! 

It's self-paced. You could do one module a week and be finished in six weeks if focused. 

If you do a topic a week, it will be closer to 5 months to complete. 

You have 12 months to complete. You'll have the private Facebook group so you have company of others on the journey and can ask questions of faculty members and coaches. If you would prefer a Slack group we can do that too!

What are the 18 topics covered? 

We've created six bundles that are particularly relevant to managers and leaders today. Each module covers:

  • What the topic is about
  • Why it is important 
  • Who has talked /written about it in the past
  • How it is approached today
  • How you might apply it
  • How you might find out more

For a description of each topic click here.