New ways of working mean new ways of learning and leading

Many of us now operate in a VUCA world, one that is characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Change is relentless, the pressure to be agile extreme. And the need to be continuously developing our capabilities does not stop. Despite how time poor you are.

We can help you with that. With over 50 years combined experience in change, training and development, education sector and agile environments, we can help you build your confidence and capability in agile change. Learn in bite-sized pieces, practice in real time, reflect and share.

Our Programs

  • Self-paced
  • 6 modules
  • Online delivery, real time experimentation
  • Exam questions, reflective journal and in person exam (by Zoom)
  • Receive a copy of our books “Hacking for Agile Change” and “Conversations of Change – a guide for workplace change”
  • Certificate of completion
  • Digital badge

$1795.00 + GST AUD 

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An agile learning program designed to build change capability in bite sized chunks. The foundation workshop covers leading change in challenging conditions and you then pick n mix the additional elements

  • Choose from a range of options:
    1. Coaching clinics
    2. Workshops
    3. Learning Bumps (10 minute videos)
    4. Change Ready Nudges (micro content to nudge thinking about change and agility)
    5. Focus talks on core topics

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Can’t decide?
We’ve made it easy for you.

Equip yourself with Conversations of Change by Dr. Jen Frahm and Hacking for Agile Change by Lena Ross in one convenient bundle.

Both books are invaluable resources for anyone involved in the change process.

For managers who are just starting out and need to find a way through, leaders challenged by change, early career change folk to veteran change practitioners who want to stay on target, Conversations of Change and Hacking for Agile Change are must-haves for any change leader’s library.

Buy here: $69.95 Australia only, postage included


You've got a change management team that needs to get up to speed with working on agile projects.

Your existing change processes and frameworks feel too heavy and slow! You're at risk of irrelevance. 

Agile change management can be really liberating - but you do need to take time to work out how you can adapt your current practice and what else you need to learn. 

Let us run an in-house Agile Change Adventurer day for you!



In this one day workshop we work with you to:

  • Understand the original Agile Manifesto and Principles and how it applies to your work
  • Understand the language and ceremonies of Agile 
  • Adapt your current artefacts to Agile initiatives
  • Create new practices and activities better suited to agile environments
  • Develop a set of guiding principles for use in agile change
  • Address the emerging capabilities required of agile change teams
  • Review the mindsets that suit agile and complex environments

Each participant receives a copy of "Hacking for Agile Change" by Lena Ross and "Conversations of Change: A guide to workplace change" by Dr Jen Frahm and a certificate of attendance and a digital badge recognising their commitment to upskilling and keeping relevant. 

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How can this program help you?

Learn what you need to know about leading change in agile environments – when you want, where you want and at a pace that suits you.

This program will make you more confident in your ability to be a sponsor or a leader of transformation.

Ready to find out more about the Agile Change Leadership Institute?

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Our Founders

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Lena Ross

As an experienced change consultant with a reputation for valuable content creation and speaking at conferences and events, Lena has made a significant contribution to the change management profession. Since establishing her Melbourne-based consulting practice in 2016, #changehacks, Lena been invited to share her expertise as a guest blogger on thought leadership sites such as Lean Change Management and Future of Work Hub.

Lena’s work draws on the latest thinking in change management from areas such as design thinking, future of work, digital, hardwired human behaviour and agile mindset and approaches. Her experience is complemented by her Master of Business Administration (MBA) qualification, and she is able to apply sound academic and business discipline to the development of practical and innovative solutions. Lena’s first book Hacking for Agile Change was released in July 2017.

Dr Jen Frahm

After leaving a Diploma of Teaching way back in 1988, Jen found herself back in front of the students as a University lecturer from early 2000. Having a portfolio career, Jen lectured and developed university level curriculum for eight years in the field of project management, organizational behaviour, organisational change and management (Queensland University of Technology, Monash University, University of Melbourne, and Swinbourne University). 

Outside of the university sector, Jen is a tamer of ambiguity, speaker of truths and solver of problems. She is the founder of Conversations of Change, a boutique change capability consultancy, a podcaster, a blogger and a global expert on organisational change and transformation. She has delivered across multiple industries and professions, from wine sales to wedding dresses, veterinary products to energy retailers, nuns and engineers, big banks, small IT companies, publicly listed, privately owned and non-profit organizations.

A sought after speaker she is known for being at the frontier of agile change practice.  Jen’s first book, Conversations of Change, A guide to implementing workplace change was released in July 2017.

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